Our story

Oloreo Beauty Business Company (AKA- Oloreo) was founded in 2010 to meet modern men and women's hair service and beauty needs in Nigeria.

Offering sales solutions for salons and beauty business owners

Over time, Oloreo has developed non-conventional sales strategies that help beauty business owners grow their business, regardless of their experience or background.

We convert our methods into tangible sales outcomes using market intelligence, market trends, and practical marketing techniques.

Oloreo Beauty Business Company™ offers beauty business owners- (salons, cosmetics line startups, and retail) unique marketing strategies through our one-on-one consulting, training resources, and courses library. This strategy helps your brand create revenue, boost client retention, and generate more sales.

We focus on customer acquisition and retention

If you're struggling to grow your beauty business, you're not alone. Many beauty business owners feel they're running on auto-pilot – and watching their potential profits fly out the door. Some don't even get sufficient brand awareness to make their efforts worth it.

If you want to start growing your business in a way that serves your customers, makes your life easier, and helps you sleep better at night, then you've come to the right place.

We can help 

Let's show you how to create more sales and more profit by working smarter, not harder.

You'll discover how to attract more customers, increase your average sale and attract more high-value customers.

Our mission is to inspire beauty business owners to build profitable, successful, and long-lasting brands.

Oloreo provides you an edge to compete effectively in your beauty business niche, so you could unbiasedly build a sustainable and well-positioned business for success.

You may not find anywhere else the quality of our resourceful training, recommendations, and community support, to put it lightly.

So, why are you waiting? Let's show you around.

Oloreo is here to help you grow!

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