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what is oloreo ?

Our Mission

To help you discover the most effective online and offline client acquisition and sales tactics to grow your business.

We empower beauty Entrepreneurs

To learn the necessary personal, business, and marketing skills to thrive with confidence and rise above the marketplace's crazy competition.

our approach 

We provide robust digital courses with a competitive edge, personalized virtual coaching/consultation, and a highly dynamic and supportive community.


meet the founder

Taking the lead as the CEO of Oloreo , Michael Adewale founded The Oloreo Marketing  to help business owners like you build a beauty business brand that truly generates revenue. Understanding well enough, to attain your set business goals, goes way beyond artistic talents or passion for the business alone. Honing the core skills of business-building; Marketing, sales, and the people skills to turn a league of prospects into loyal raving advocates of your brand are key.

He has been privileged to work with leading international beauty brands with proven results.

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Let's Help You Grow Your Business Revenue

discover the same secrets used by the top leading beauty Business brands for customer acquisition and sales turnaround   

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